Welcome to the Harvard Law School Alumni Association of the Philippines (HLSAAP) website here on the Amicus HLS Network. I am Jesus M. Disini Jr. ‘04 LLM and the incumbent president of the HLSAAP. 


First off, I would like to thank the team behind HLS Amicus for making such a platform available for Harvard clubs around the world. 


The goal of the incumbent Board of Directors of the HLSAAP is to serve as a bridge between graduates of the Harvard Law School of Filipino descent and the rest of the Harvard community. We look forward to representing Filipino HLS graduates in events in Harvard and making sure their voices are heard in matters that relate to our beloved Alma Mater. 


We have a group of competent and capable board members that have activities lined up for the rest of the year. Watch this space as we update you with upcoming events you surely would not want to miss out on. 


If you aren’t part of our club yet, feel free to send us a message at Our team will reach out to get you onboard the HLSAAP. 


We look forward to a great year ahead for the HLSAAP and the entire Harvard community. 




Jesus M. Disini Jr. ‘04 LLM

President, Harvard Law School Association of the Philippines